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A General Thread On Anodizing Aluminum - Info,Websites, Methods.........


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I wanted to start a general thread on anodizing aluminum that would contain only information, Websites and Methods on anodizing aluminum. This would be a general aide to help people in their pursuite to hobby with anodizing their projects.
If we could put here methods, websites, links to documents and so on that will be about only anodizing methology that would be a great plus to some.

Thanks for your help!

Have a great day!


Tom Griffin

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Don't forget U.S.Specialty Color Corp.. I ordered my chemicals (cleaner, etch, de-oxidizer, dyes and sealer) at a significant savings over the common "middle men" sources. It cost me more up front because of the larger quantities but 5 gallons of solution at U.S. Specialty worked out to $57, instead of $426. Not everyone can justify purchasing in quantiy, but if you can, that is the way to do it.