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The end of an era

Some years ago our town was struck by an arsonist and the fire raged to within 3 doors from our shop. 3 years ago we sold our shop and it was also torn down to be replaced by a Crabby Joe restaurant. That shop represented 44 years of our life and and was an emotional ride to see it go.
However this allowed us to begin a new era when we started erecting a new shop at home next to our house. We super insulated it and put in in-floor heating as well as a solar green house along the south side to supplement the heating system at no cost. You will see our new shop rising as if from the ashes. It took us 2 years to get the shop interior finished and the chaos organized. This last year we were able to really get to work in it. The machine shop is in the back and a spray/sandblasting booth along the right side with a service bay with new hoist in it in front of the spray booth. No need to go south to enjoy my winters. See more in the classic car thread.
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