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    As promised, a formal announcement has been made regarding recent changes in the administrative staff here at H-M.

    Please take a few moments to go to our home page and review that announcement.




Many of you have been asking about some of the changes that have taken place here at The Hobby-Machinist in recent weeks, and I speak for the entire staff when I say “Thank You!” for your patience during this time. I hope that you do not find this post to be too long, but there is much to tell.

As many of you are aware, there have been some changes in leadership here at H-M. These changes are rather complex and have been in the making for some time. Our founder, Nelson Timken, was instrumental in establishing a non-profit corporation as the owner of this forum so that H-M could continue its educational mission even in the event of his absence. Starting and developing all of this was no small task, especially as time has gone on. This wonderful online community has grown far beyond anything that he could have hoped for when he first registered the hobby-machinist domain name. He quickly found that he could not do it alone and he brought Tony Wells on board as administrator to handle the day to day issues that occur behind the scenes.

Here we are several years later, and Tony has found the need to relinquish his position as administrator at H-M, wanting to settle down to life as a regular member. He will still be here as a member and moderator, and will continue to offer his assistance to the membership just as he always has, just not as an administrator. Finding his replacement has been a long process, the big issue being the time required of a person in such a position. As a result, Tony has been replaced with three of us: 4gsr, grumpygator, and myself. “Many hands make for light work” my grandmother used to say, so having three of us to share the load means that one person is not stuck with all of the work here by himself. As administrators, we answer to the Board of Directors.

Just as we were settling in to our new ‘shop foreman’ responsibilities, Nelson announced to us that he was also leaving, but leaving entirely. He found that his whole life had come to revolve around H-M, and this arrangement was taking its toll on his personal life as well. He no longer had any time to pursue the hobby that got all of this started in the first place, and he left us in a rather abrupt fashion, despite our efforts to get him to stay. He felt that with new administration in place that it was the perfect time to move on to a new chapter in his life, while knowing that H-M would be properly looked after. This sudden change certainly left us reeling as new administrators, and left the board of directors to determine what steps we are going to take as we move forward. We have secured the services of a person with a technical background to look after software upgrades and server maintenance. I am sure that you can all understand why we needed a little time to get things sorted out before making this formal announcement.

I believe we all owe Nelson and Tony a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work in establishing and growing The Hobby-Machinist into the fine community that it is today, and I hope that you will all join me in wishing them the very best, no matter where their futures take them.


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    Nov 4, 2017
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